We are delighted to be able to offer additional support to Dioceses or Deaneries by way of an Introductory Webinar and Follow Up Webinar.

The Introductory Webinar lasts one hour and gives a basic understanding of how Sycamore can be used to evangelise, form and build community in the parish.  You will also be given a quick overview of all the resources available on the website and supports available to leaders.  There is time for discussion and questions.  Sessions can be tailored for the Diocese in terms of content, timing and delivery.

The Follow Up Webinar is normally held a few months after the Introductory Webinar, when groups have had a chance to run or start running.  It is an opportunity for leaders and participants from across the Diocese to meet, share experience and discuss solutions to challenges, as they build community and support networks together.

The Diocesan Office normally advertises the Webinar across the parishes and organisations in the Dioceses and liaises with Claire at Sycamore, who then leads the Webinar with the Diocesan Representative.

If you would like to hold a Webinar please contact claire.dancaster@sycamore.fm

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