A Personal Message from Fr Stephen Wang: Sycamore Appeal 2023

Dear Friends

We have been so moved to hear about the impact that Sycamore is having in so many parishes, schools, university chaplaincies and prisons. The Sycamore programme is bringing people together and helping them grow in faith. Lives are being changed. Communities are being renewed. Please do read some of the inspiring testimonies below.

But this is a crucial time for us as a charity. We need to raise significant funds to sustain our mission and to keep our core resources free to use. We need your help.


During the Covid pandemic, we took the decision to give everyone free access to our core films and resources. We wanted to do everything possible to help people through the crisis and to support our communities. As a consequence, we lost the paid subscriptions which were our only sustainable source of income.

Our hope for 2023 is to keep all our core resources completely free to use. We have seen what a difference Sycamore can make to Catholic communities. We want every parish, school, chaplaincy and prison to benefit from the Sycamore programme, no matter how limited their funds are.

It will cost us £60,000 to run Sycamore over the next 12 months. We need to raise this urgently to guarantee that our resources will be available to everyone who needs them, and to help us support Sycamore groups and update our materials.

We can’t do this without you. Please consider becoming an integral part of our mission by making a donation to our work. Every contribution, large or small, makes a real difference. We are especially grateful to those who are able to make a regular monthly donation.

Please make a donation by visiting our donation page: www.sycamore.fm/donate.


Please contact me personally if you would like to discuss our fundraising needs and how you might be able to help via the contact form.

If you wish to donate by bank transfer, please contact us via the contact form to request our banking details. If you prefer to donate by UK cheque, please make this out “Sycamore Roman Catholic Charity” and post it to “Sycamore, 5 Reynard Copse, Rye Street, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts, CM23 2BB” with a note saying that it is a donation to the work of Sycamore

Please do share this message with others you know who may wish to help.

With sincere thanks and our prayerful best wishes

Fr Stephen Wang

Chair of Trustees, Sycamore Roman Catholic Charity



Sycamore is a comprehensive programme about the Christian faith and its relevance for life today. It brings people together so they can share ideas, explore their beliefs, and think about questions that really matter.

The Sycamore films give an inspiring vision of Catholic Christianity. They involve some clear teaching and some thought-provoking testimonies. The discussion groups – in person or online – help people grow in friendship and build a sense of community. Faith comes alive. Lives are changed.

You can visit the website here: www.sycamore.fm



Many Catholic communities are struggling today. They want to grow in faith and reach out to others, but they are not sure how to move forward. They often lack the confidence and the resources they need.

Sycamore can be such a blessing for your parish, school or chaplaincy. It gives you:

  • Beautifully produced resources – easy to use, easy to access, and completely free
  • A modular programme with many different ‘pathways’ – so you can find the exact course you need in your mission of evangelisation, sacramental preparation, religious education, or adult faith formation
  • Formation for leaders – who grow in faith, in confidence, and in a desire to welcome others



A magnificent piece of work for the Kingdom! It has intellectual rigour that is rooted in our lived experience and our search for God” (Fr Chris Vipers, a diocesan director of evangelisation)

I finally found an opportunity to think about my life!” (A student participant)

A superb and easily accessible resource for all parishes. The production quality and content are outstanding” (Mary Crowley, a diocesan catechist)

We are excited about the lasting effect it will have on the faith of our young people. Fabulous videos and resources with a professional and user-friendly website” (Claire O’Neill, a diocesan education adviser)

A very important project that will be invaluable for contemporary evangelisation” (Fr Thomas White, Director of the Aquinas Institute)

Thank you Sycamore so much for this wonderful new resource. Brilliant films with sound doctrinal input. We will be using it for a long time to come in our parish” (Pauline Hanley, an RCIA catechist)

Sycamore has allowed me to live the priesthood in such a life-giving way” (a UK priest)

We Need Your Help

Sycamore is bringing people together and helping them grow in faith. Your support means we can keep the Sycamore resources completely free to use so that everyone can benefit. Please become part of our mission and donate now.