Remote groups

Visit the main sections below to plan your remote Sycamore groups

Why go remote?

It’s easy to run remote Sycamore groups, and there are many benefits from connecting and sharing in this way. The only thing missing is the food!

Remote Planning

Here are some key things you need decide before you start your remote groups. They include privacy, confidentiality, publicity, communications. And the big question of whether to run one central group or separate smaller groups.

One or many groups?

If there are many people signed up, you need to decide whether to run one central group (with sub-groups) or separate groups that run in parallel.

Which platform?

There are many different video conferencing platforms and apps available. You can decide which one will work best for your parish in general or for your particular group. 

Remote viewing

Here are three different ways that you can watch the Sycamore films before or during your remote meeting.

Remote timetable

Here are some different ways of structuring your Sycamore session, depending on how you have decided to view the films in your group.

Remote discussion

There are some general skills you need to lead a discussion well, but there are also some particular skills and techniques that apply to remote groups.

We Need Your Help

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