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The information you have given will help us to:

  • Provide tailored support for your group regarding preparation and delivery of sessions, follow-up courses and training as required.
  • Locate and display your group on our Live Sycamore Map and signpost to people nearby who may be interested in joining your newly registered Sycamore course [APRIL 2022: UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
  • Keep you updated with current information about local training, networking opportunities and events with other Sycamore coordinators.

Please take advantage of the following specialist resources and materials which are now available to you as a registered coordinator:

  • Sycamore Leaders Manual – a beautiful, comprehensive document (which you can download and print out) to help guide you through the process of choosing the right pathway for your group, planning and running sessions and tools to help you think ahead.
  • Click here to access the exclusive Resources page
  • Alternative discussion questions for different contexts; publicity materials in print-ready pdfs (posters, postcards, banners etc); and more to follow [APRIL 2022: UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
  • Exclusive permissions for video-downloads of all 20 main Sycamore films, so you can run Sycamore without depending on wifi.

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