The Sycamore Book

The new Sycamore book by Fr Stephen Wang is now available in paperback and as an e-book. See how the book can help you in your own faith and how it can be used in Sycamore groups.


Everything you wanted to know about the Christian faith and its relevance for life today.

Twenty short chapters that explain the central beliefs and practices of Catholic Christianity – for those who are exploring the faith for the first time, and for those who want to deepen the faith they already have.

SYCAMORE looks into the search for happiness, the existence of God, the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Church, the Bible, the gift of faith, and the power of prayer. Other topics include the meaning of love, the seven sacraments, the moral and social teaching of the Church, the Christian vocations, the Virgin Mary and the saints, life after death, and the hope of heaven.

  • Written in a conversational style
  • With stories and examples to bring the ideas alive
  • Includes questions for reflection
  • Specially selected passages from the Bible
  • Over a hundred beautiful illustrations

The book can be read on its own or used by those who are following a Sycamore course in their parish or community.

Order your printed copy here direct from the Catholic Truth Society (discounts available for ten copies or more):

For those who find it easier to order on Amazon, the Sycamore book is now available in paperback from Amazon:

Order and download the e-book here in different formats:





Fr Stephen Wang is a Catholic priest from the Diocese of Westminster. He is currently Rector of the Venerable English College in Rome – one of the five seminaries serving the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Since his priestly ordination in 1998 he has worked in pastoral ministry in various London parishes, schools, hospitals and prisons. He has been Dean of Theology at Allen Hall Seminary, Visiting Lecturer in Philosophy at St Mary’s University and Visiting Lecturer in Theology at Heythrop College. Most recently he worked as Senior University Chaplain at Newman House Student Centre and Catholic Chaplain at the London School of Economics.

He is the author of Aquinas and Sartre, A Way of Life for Young Catholics, How to Discover Your Vocation, The New Evangelisation, and The Christian Faith. His most recent book is Sycamore: The Catholic Faith Explained. He is involved in various evangelisation projects including the Sycamore programme and the Pause for Faith YouTube channel.

The following video is an interview with Fr Stephen Wang conducted by Pierpaolo Finaldi from the CTS who publish the book “Sycamore: The Catholic Faith Explained”

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