Publicity materials

We have provided a range of publicity materials here for you to use with your Sycamore programme and for you to print yourselves.

These materials are on open access and may only be downloaded and printed for use in your communities, or shared on social media.

POSTCARDS: There are 6 portrait and 5 landscape postcard designs.

POSTERS: There are 6 poster designs

ROLL-UP BANNERS: There are 2 banner designs

Please note that some of them are “mix and match”. For example, we provide a range of A6 portrait or landscape postcards, and you choose which FRONT image you want to print with which BACK design.

One of the portrait BACK designs and one of the landscape BACK designs has “SPACE-FOR-STICKER”. If you print these postcards then you can customise them yourselves by printing computer labels with details of your Sycamore course, and then adding these stickers to the back of the postcards.

We do not currently have digital images in a format that you can customise yourselves but only in these pdf formats. But you can create your own BACK design with your own local information for the reverse of each postcard if you wish.


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