Enquiry Group, Follow On Course (10 weeks)

A follow on course for those who have already finished one of the Sycamore enquiry courses, and for anyone with some Christian background who wishes to explore things more deeply.

This ten week course is especially for those who have finished one of the Sycamore enquiry courses and wish to explore the Christian faith more deeply. It builds on the introductory sessions of the first ten modules and presents Christian teaching more systematically, with a focus on the creed, the sacraments, Christian vocation, the Church’s moral teaching, prayer, and the hope of heaven.

If you have not run an introductory enquiry course yet then see the 10 week course here and the shorter 7 week course here.


(1) THE LIGHT OF CHRIST [“Film 11” in Series: click here to view]

The Christian Creed. The Light of Christ. The Holy Trinity.


(2) CREATION, FALL, SALVATION [“Film 12” in Series: click here to view]

The goodness of creation. Suffering and sin. The gift of salvation.


(3) THE COMMUNITY OF THE CHURCH [“Film 13” in Series: click here to view]

Why do we need the Church? The special place of the Catholic Church. Being Catholic today.


(4) THE SACRAMENTS OF BAPTISM AND CONFIRMATION [“Film 14” in Series: click here to view]

The power of the sacraments and the liturgy. How baptism can change your life. Confirmation and the gift of the Holy Spirit.


(5) THE HOLY EUCHARIST [“Film 15” in Series: click here to view]

The meaning of the Mass. The Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.


(6) FORGIVENESS, HEALING AND MISSION [“Film 16” in Series: click here to view]

Forgiveness and the Sacrament of Confession. Healing and the Sacrament of the Sick. Christian mission and the call to share our faith.


(7) THE CHRISTIAN VOCATIONS [“Film 17” in Series: click here to view]

The meaning of vocation. Marriage and family life. Ordination and consecrated life.


(8) THE SOCIAL TEACHING OF THE CHURCH [“Film 18” in Series: click here to view]

The dignity of the human person and the right to life. Christian teaching about family and society. Speaking the truth and following conscience.


(9) HOW TO PRAY [“Film 19” in Series: click here to view]

The amazing adventure of prayer. Four basic ways of praying. Prayers and devotions to help you through the day.


(10) MARY AND THE HOPE OF HEAVEN [“Film 20” in Series: click here to view]

Death, judgment, and our longing for eternal life. Holiness, the saints, and our hope for heaven. What Catholics believe about the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Please note that the accompanying “Film Number” (e.g. “Film 13”) and Session Number (e.g. “Session 13”) refer to the complete list of Sycamore films and not to the order of each module in this course.

You can find the complete list of Sycamore films here and the complete list of Session Guides here. The “Film Number” and “Session Number” is a fixed code number so you know which film is being referred to, even if it appears in different places in different courses.

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