Sycamore planning

The Leader Planning sections below will help you think about whether Sycamore is right for your community and how to plan your approach. The Leader Training Section focuses more on helping members of your Sycamore team prepare for their different roles. You can sample two complete films here.

Key ingredients of Sycamore

This section will help you and your team reflect on whether Sycamore is the right course for your community to run.

First steps for your team

"I like the idea of Sycamore. But how do I actually start?" Read on for some practical tips about the first steps you can take to get you started.

Basic timetable for an enquiry session

You might be meeting at breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, supper or later in the pub. But here is a typical "evening session" that you can use as a template.

Optional retreat day

If you are using ten sessions, you can run this as a ten-week course, or as an eight-week course with two sessions put into a retreat day: using Film 7 (Faith) and Film 8 (Prayer) as the foundation for the day.


Here are some tips for what you can offer guests as a follow-up to Sycamore as you get near the end of your course.

How to use Sycamore as part of your catechesis or teaching

Sycamore started as a course for enquirers who know little about the Christian faith. But the structure and timetable and methodology can easily be adapted for use with more formal sessions of catechesis or teaching.