Sycamore planning

The Leader Planning sections below will help you think about whether Sycamore is right for your community and how to plan your approach. The Leader Training Section focuses more on helping members of your Sycamore team prepare for their different roles. You can sample two complete films here.

Key ingredients of Sycamore

This section will help you and your team reflect on whether Sycamore is the right course for your community to run.

First steps for your team

"I like the idea of Sycamore. But how do I actually start?" Read on for some practical tips about the first steps you can take to get you started.

We Need Your Help

Sycamore is bringing people together and helping them grow in faith. Your support means we can keep the Sycamore resources completely free to use so that everyone can benefit. Please become part of our mission and donate now.