Leaders - Session 7: The Gift of Faith



  • What makes us trust some people more than others?
  • Who are the people you trust most and why?
  • Do you think it is generally good to trust others?
  • What other ideas or questions strike you from this part of the film?


  • What were the main religious beliefs or human values or moral principles that you grew up with?
  • How have your beliefs or values changed over the years?
  • What are the most important values you hold today and why?
  • What other ideas or questions strike you from this part of the film?


  • What do you think about the idea of taking a step of faith? Is it attractive to you? Or what holds you back?
  • Do you think faith can be justified or is it always unexplainable?
  • Can you think of a risk you have ever taken? Was it worth it?
  • What other ideas or questions strike you from this part of the film?


7A – “What is faith?”

Faith involves a relationship and a commitment. When Peter is sinking beneath the waves on the Lake of Galilee he has to reach out and take the hand of Jesus. When Matthew hears the call of Jesus he has to get up, open the door, and walk out of the tax office where he is working. When the people of Jerusalem are moved by the preaching of Peter, they have to repent and be baptised. This is faith.

In the Gospels, there are some things Jesus can only do if people are willing to put their trust in him. He says to all of us, in different ways, are you willing to take a step and show that you trust me? That’s the meaning of faith.

7B – “Are Christians just stupid or are there good reasons to believe?”

Christians are required to use their intelligence; to examine things critically; and above all to seek the truth.

Christianity deals with rational evidence, but not with scientific proof. They are both important. But they are not the same.

Yes, you need reason and logic. But it will only get you so far. You also need insight, intuition, understanding, wisdom, vision. You need to step back and see the whole.

When I put all the evidence together, I see something that makes me want to believe. There is no mathematical proof, but there is enough good evidence here for me to take a step forward. In this sense, I think there are many good reasons for us to believe.

7C – “How to take a step of faith”

There are moments when faith requires a choice, when we need to make a commitment, despite our uncertainties. It’s the same in many areas of life.

We are all invited to take a step of faith. To believe in a loving God; to believe in his Son Jesus; and to believe in the gift of his Holy Spirit to us. I’m inviting you, at the very least, to be open to taking a step of faith.

What does that actually mean? It might be to share your questions with a Christian friend; to read the bible; to visit a church; to learn more about the Christian faith. These are little steps. They can be signs of faith.

Or it might be to make a prayer of faith, even a very simple one.

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