Leader Welcome Page

These main sections below will give you all the information and resources you need to plan and run a successful Sycamore course in your community.

Coronavirus Update: Open access to films

The Sycamore films are now on open access, from March to August 2020

Sample Films

To get a feel for what the films are like, you can watch the first part of Session 1 here.


A Sycamore “Pathway” is a selection of Sycamore sessions put together to form a coherent course. This page will help you decide which pathway is best for your community.


The sections below will help you think about whether Sycamore is right for your community and how to plan your approach.


These sections will help you plan some training and piloting sessions for your leaders and your community.

Session Guides for Leaders

Each "Session Guide for Leaders" contains the discussion questions and supplementary materials that you need to prepare for each Session.

Extra resources for Leaders

These sections contain extra resources to help Sycamore Leaders reflect on their vocation to evangelise and share their faith