Why attend a group

Maybe you’ve heard about a Sycamore group near you, and you’re wondering whether to go and what to expect. You can find out what to expect at a typical session here.

If you are not sure whether to come, here are four reasons:


Many of the Sycamore groups start with a delicious free meal. Or at least with a coffee and a doughnut! Sycamore is a chance to relax with others over a meal or a drink – it’s not just about deep discussions. For once, you can stop rushing, and just enjoy sitting down for some good food and some good conversation.


Each session involves a short, thought-provoking film about one of the big questions of life or one aspect of the Christian faith. The films are beautifully produced in locations around the UK, both secular and sacred. They capture the beauty of the English countryside, the energy and excitement of our cities, and the seagulls of Brighton beach!

The main presentation is by Fr Stephen Wang, a Catholic priest with much experience of teaching and media work. There are street interviews with people from very different backgrounds, to get different perspectives on the questions that are coming up. There are some short reflections from guest speakers to round off each session. And every few minutes a question pops up on the screen to get the discussion going.


At a typical Sycamore session, conversation just happens! Sycamore is an opportunity to meet other people, share ideas, explore your beliefs, and think about questions that really matter. Everyone is welcome. There’s a real sense of community and a spirit of friendship.

There’s no pressure and no commitment. If you are shy, you can take a back seat. If you are full of ideas and questions, this is a space to share them. You can be yourself without any fear of being judged.


Yes, it’s a risk, stepping into the unknown. Most of us hate uncertainty and like to stay in our own routines. But why not take a risk and try something new. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. There are so few opportunities to meet new people, to step back from the rush of life, and to make space to think and talk.

One participant said, “I finally found an opportunity to think about my life”. Another said, “It’s been an amazing experience”. You’ve got nothing to lose. At the very least, you get a free meal and have some good conversation. And maybe it will be something more, and perhaps even the beginning of a life-changing adventure.