Testimonials from Participants

“An amazing experience” (London student)

“The questions asked were incredibly relevant” (University chaplaincy group)

“Interesting and thought-provoking discussions” (London student)

“A wonderful opportunity to have an open and honest discussion about things we wouldn’t usually talk about in everyday life” (James)

“I finally found an opportunity to think about my life!” (Vincenzo)

“I appreciate the opportunity to explore my thoughts in a space that felt open and welcoming” (Young adult response)

“I really enjoyed looking at the big Christian issues from a very normal and relaxed perspective and asking real life questions about faith” (Amicie)

“I like Sycamore because of the free dinner! I also like being able to talk about different issues that you don’t get to talk about in regular life” (Paul)

“People can be as authentic as they want to be” (Annabelle)

“I enjoyed hearing what other people had to say – it gave me new perspectives on questions I had always wondered about” (Esperance)

“I like the sharing, how everyone is really open – there is no judging happening here” (Isabel)

“It’s nice to hear other people’s stories and also reflect on our own” (Michelle)

“I think the most compelling thing about Sycamore is the open discussions which we have every week. As a non-Christian coming into Sycamore, I always felt welcome. All I was asked was to come in with an open mind. I was never cajoled into attending, yet I always looked forward to coming back to learn more from the discussions we have” (Student from Singapore)

“It’s a great programme!” (Young adult response)