Praise for the programme

Sycamore has been running in dozens of English-speaking parishes and chaplaincies throughout the world for the last four years. You can see what some of the Sycamore Leaders have been saying about their experience. And then you can see the endorsements from Catholic Leaders that follow.

A Parish Evangelisation Coordinator:

“Sycamore was an excellent informal introductory programme about the Catholic faith, which generated thought provoking discussions amongst participants and helped to build up a sense of community. Sycamore seems to appeal to every age and would seem to fit with the early stages of an RCIA programme. Many of our participants would now like to go on to a more substantive programme and we are looking at options for this, probably something similar in format”

Hannah, a parish catechetical coordinator:

“We used Sycamore to introduce a group of about 18 people to the Catholic faith. Most of them had little or no Christian background. I love how these short videos announce the Gospel message, the ‘kerygma’, in an attractive and clear way. We found Sycamore to be extremely effective in helping those who were curious about Christianity to become open to a relationship with Christ. The structure of each video encourages the building of community within the group, especially through the discussion questions. In my view, Sycamore is the perfect starting-point for evangelisation, and can be a springboard to deeper catechesis”

Pauline, a parish RCIA coordinator who has used Sycamore in their RCIA group for four years:

“Sycamore has been an overwhelming joy for many people, it has enabled them to open their hearts and to share their faith in ways they never imagined possible. Many people who were reluctant to speak about faith openly, have gained confidence and trust through participation in the discussion topics, and have been amazed at the difference it makes to their prayer life, to their understanding of scripture, and to their desire to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. This is for us a grace filled and blessed moment in the life of our parish, the foundations go very deep in these groups and friendships develop and grow each year, and it’s wonderful to witness people’s growth in faith and commitment to the Lord”


Fr Chris Vipers, Director of Evangelisation, Diocese of Westminster

“This is a really magnificent piece of work for the Kingdom! What I like is its intellectual rigour and its rootedness in our lived experience and in our reaching for God. It reaches wide and will, I know, have a wide appeal.”

Fr Charlie Fox, Spiritual Director to the St Paul Street Evangelisation Movement in the US and Staff Member at Sacred Heart Seminary, Detroit

“I really think this will be a great gift of God and just what the Church needs right now. It seems to present the Catholic faith in a way that truly meets the needs of all – from the unchurched to practicing Catholics who are in desperate need of formation. I think the topics are just right. It’s very ambitious in that it covers so much ground, but exactly what’s needed. I love the user-friendliness and flexibility of the program. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spoken with my colleagues in evangelization work here and lamented our lack of such a program.”

Olivia Raw, Catholic Chaplain at SOAS University and School Counsellor

“This is great! Really needed and timely. Well done, excellent quality. In terms of culture alone, this is really good.  The fact that this is a British production is vital for the UK Church and the Church internationally.”

Fr Thomas White, Director of the Aquinas Institute, Rome

“A very important project and frankly one that will contribute invaluably to contemporary evangelization. As for the content and vision of the project, it is clearly something very needed. I hope very much it succeeds in years to come!”

Fr Jon Bielawski, Director of Evangelisation, Plymouth Diocese

“Sycamore is fully comprehensive in its approach, systemically Catholic, very adaptable for different modes of presentation, and offers something dynamic, interactive and high quality. I wish you every success in filling a massive gap for a resource of this kind to be made available.”

Angela Ward, Catholic RE Teacher

“Wow you have been working hard on this! I really liked the idea and watched some of the pilot Sycamore films. I think that you are aiming to cover a wide variety of topics which I can see will be used at various settings. I can imagine that I would be able to use this in the classroom as an RE teacher. And I could definitely see it being used in parish settings in catechism or study groups etc.”

Prof Anthony Towey, Director of the Aquinas Centre, St Mary’s University

“It is brilliant that you are working up something like this. In terms of ‘tracking the Spirit’, this seems to be a Kairos moment. Catholic teachers of every stripe are trying to make the faith accessible. God is surely in all this and will surely bless it. I also like the Sycamore metaphor and image: ‘I am so small and the crowd so big’. That should be on the sides of London buses once you get going!”