Remote groups

Sycamore can be used very easily with remote groups. The basic Sycamore format stays the same: people meet together (through a video conferencing platform); they watch a Sycamore film; and they have some discussion. If it’s a large group they can easily break out into smaller discussion groups.

A whole section of this website is dedicated to helping you organise and run your remote groups. Take a look at the main Remote Planning Pages here.

But don’t forget to look at the General Planning Pages here. And if you are not familiar with Sycamore in general then you can visit our Why Start a Group page here.

Sycamore is about bringing people together in friendship and helping them to explore the big questions of faith. The ideal was always to have a meal together before watching the Sycamore film and getting into a discussion.

The Covid-19 Pandemic made it impossible for many groups to meet together. But it also created new opportunities for connecting via video conferencing and social media.

Sycamore is an ideal resource for using with remote groups. All of the materials are available online, free of charge. This includes not just the films but also the planning and training resources, and the follow-up materials (“Session Guides”) for participants and leaders. And this website gives practical advice about how to run your remote group: how to choose a video platform; how to show the films; how to lead the remote session; how to plan the registration; etc.

“Remote Sycamore” is an invaluable way forward for those who are not able to run physical groups in their communities as they would wish. It allows you to continue running your pre-pandemic enquiry groups and your sacramental preparation.

But Remote Sycamore can also be an exciting Plan A for those who wish to explore new ways of reaching out and building communities of friendship and faith. It allows parishes and chaplaincies to evangelise and share their faith beyond the physical boundaries of their local community, and it allows individuals to run independent groups with friends or as part of a wider social media outreach.

Visit our Remote Planning pages here.


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