How the subscription works

All of the materials you need to plan your Sycamore course and run your sessions are available here online. You can register, free of charge, as a Leader. To gain access to the films and the Sycamore licence, you can take out an annual Subscription on behalf of your community. Full details are below.

There are two ways of registering:


Leaders register as individuals. Registration is free. Anyone can register.

Leaders get unrestricted access to all the pages and materials in the Leaders Section of the website. This includes sections that are otherwise restricted:

  • Training Materials
  • Individual Session Guides

Registration as a Leader does not give you access to the films or to the Sycamore licence.

You can register here as a Leader.



Subscribers register on behalf of their community (local church, parish, school, university chaplaincy, prison, etc). They pay an annual fee. Each community only needs one subscription.

A Sycamore subscription gives unrestricted access to all the pages and materials in the Subscribers Section of the website. This includes:

  • Access to view and stream all the Sycamore films in the Subscription Area
  • Downloads for all the Sycamore films currently available, for off-line viewing
  • A licence to show the films to multiple groups, on condition that (i) the groups take place within your specified community (local church, parish, school, university, prison, etc) and (ii) you still have a current subscription to Sycamore
  • Downloadable and printable handouts for participants
  • Downloadable and printable publicity materials to help you promote your Sycamore courses locally

You can register here as a Subscriber.


Subscription fees, discounts and bursaries

Sycamore is a UK registered charity (“Sycamore Roman Catholic Charity”, CIO Number 1182843). All of the funds that we raise through subscriptions and donations are used to further the work and mission of Sycamore. We set the fee at a level that will allow us to sustain the work of Sycamore, to support new and current users, and to create new films and new resources.

DISCOUNTS: There are discounted fees for University Chaplaincies and Prisons. See the options within the registration/payment system.

BURSARIES: We want to make Sycamore as available as possible, especially for communities without large financial resources. If your church or parish is in special financial difficulties, and you are unable to pay the full fee, we offer a Bursary that covers 50% of the fee. You do not need to apply for this: it is given as one option in the registration/payment system.

The Bursary comes from our charitable funds, so we ask that you only choose this option if you have a genuine need for financial help, and if you would not otherwise be able to subscribe to Sycamore.

If you have absolutely no funds, and no possibility of asking for financial help or doing any extra fundraising, then please contact us to find out if there are other extra bursaries available.

DONATIONS: If you would like to support the mission of Sycamore (which includes providing Bursaries for disadvantaged communities), please CLICK HERE to make a donation [the Donation Page is under construction – coming soon].